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PowerPoint Import Pack issues
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If you have any questions regarding CourseLab PowerPoint Import Pack - please post it here in this thread.
The animations in PowerPoint do not seem to transfer directly. What am I missing? ( I have the import pack and slide transferred fine but time delay for different bullet points does not work )
Unfortunately, in some cases animations and transitions cannot be translated into web-application exactly as they are used in PowerPoint. For example, in this case the textbox, containing bulleted texts, is imported in CourseLab as single object. But transitions and delays can be applied in CourseLab (and, generally, in any web-application) to whole object only (i.e. cannot be applied to just some part of single object). Therefore, only transitions and delays, that are applied to whole textbox can be imported correctly.
When is the Powerpoint Import pack going to be available?
CourseLab online shopping is now available.
Secure online payment system activation is scheduled to 5 Jun 2007. Extra Packs will be available immediately after that.
How I make to import a PPT for the course?
To import PowerPoint presentation in CourseLab module you need additional CourseLab PowerPoint Import Pack to be installed. Some examples of CourseLab PowerPoint Import Pack in action you can find <a href="http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/4FDE686F8633DBFCC32572950041766C/doc.html">on this page</a>. Please note, that CourseLab Extra packs are not free (will be available for online shopping in two weeks).
CourseLab PowerPoint Import Pack is now available for online purchase <a href=http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/root_id/buy1/item/ppt/process.html>here</a>
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