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Binding sound to CourseLab objects
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If you have any questions regarding CourseLab sound capabilities - please post it here in this thread.
Hi All;

I am trying to add an audio file to each slide, I have turned "sound on", tried to follow instructions to import an MP3 or WAV file to the slide and it does not bind. What am I doing wrong?

Dear Allan!
Please provide us with more details on the issue: do you use Format Object dialog (object's context menu - Format Object - Sound), or use SOUND action attached to some event? You can also send us example of course with this problem (at support@courselab.com).
I used the format object-sound. I finally got that to work, but I can't get the slides to sync to the sound. I think I need to use the Sound action but can't seem to get it to work after display of imported PPT slide.
Hi I'm a newbie here. I just have one question about embedding sound into slides. I tried to attach a sound file to a button. When i enter the path to the sound, it didn't work. Did i do something wrong? How do u correctly put a file path? the function doesn't seem to allow u to browse to find the right file for you to embed. thanks in advance for the reply.
Hi Liza,
You can add the path to the resource (sound file or other) either by browsing to it where this option is available or by browsing using something like windows explorer to find the file. In explorer if you find the file and select it wit a single click you can copy the path from the navigation bar of the explorer window and paste it into the device on Courselab.
Couselab will then import the object and bundle them all together.
It's probably good practice to collect the resources for each project into a folder so everything is in one place. This makes your life a little easier as you'll know where everything is and the paths remain the same.
Dear Allan!
Perhaps we can find the solution if you will send us short example (1-2 slides) and describe what you want to do with sound (i.e. when the sound files should start playing etc.). If the content is not strictly confidential, of course. Please send the source files archive to support@courselab.com.
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