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LMS compatibility issues
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If you have any questions regarding CourseLab-generated content LMS compatibility - please post it here.
We are developing a new set of courses with CourseLab 2.4. It went great until we try it in our Moodle 1.9 platform. We exported to SCORM 2004, did not work, later we try IMS 1.2, and now its partially working. The problem is that courselab is not performing the tracking, so every time we run the course it says incomplete. we need to get this up and running and now we are stuck. help please.[:confused:]
Hi there,

I'm a developer at small educational firm and the management decided to use your awesome software, since it has many features and a lot of flexibility.

Our in-house built software is not a SCORM-compliant.

How can i get the score out of Courselab module or slide and report it back to our LMS using JavaScript and vb.net.

That was possible when using QUIZ Maker, by using the JavaScript and calling a .net page to submit the results, score and visit information back to database.

Any help is highly appreciated.

What content is OK to use when working with the SCORM v1.2? I am new to this and learning what the capabilities and requirements are.
I have a slight problem with reporting to my LMS. I end a course with the action: AfterDisplay Set completion status to completed (for Total).
The score is being transferred properly, but twice. So I get two entrances, with the same results.
Any idea what's causing this?
I am using SharePoint SLK 1.3.1 and CourseLab 2.4 and publishing to SCORM 2004.

I get an error anytime I create a test object with more than 18 questions.
Processing Error

The value (<SCO><visits>0d0K0v</visits><objects/><objectives><o id=\"total\" desc=\"This is automatically creat...) is not a valid value for the cmi.suspend_data element. The data was not updated. MOre information: Specific argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: value

Any work-arounds or assistance would be appreciated.
I am using Sharepoint 2007
On uploading your LMS test package I get the following error reported

Some errors in this learning resource were repaired, but the learning resource may not function as expected.

The required attribute, href, is missing on element <resource>. Extra information:The resource node is missing the required attribute, 'href'

I am then able to complete the course with no difficulty (I suspect there are layout issues though)

My problem is that when I use CourseLab to make my own simple package and export it as either SCORM 2004 or 1.2 I find that completing the course results in the .zip file opening rather than the content being presented.

I have followed the instuctions in the three sections of 'Publish Course' in the help files to no further success.

Is there a known issue for Sharepoint 2007?
I had this same experience with a more recent version of SharePoint SLK. In my situation, I discovered malformed .wav file names when course was published. Characters in the file name were converted from a long hyphen to a European character (u with a slash over the top).

Solution: I renamed the audio files, re-assigned them to the objects in the course, and republished the course.

Result: Courses launched as expected in SharePoint SLK.

Theory: Malformed filenames, or unrecognized file names seemed to cause the course to behave incorrectly. If others encounter this issue, I suggest creating a very simple course with no bells and whistles and see if you get the problem Karen described or not. This is how I was able to drill-down and termine is was the audio files (.wav) in the course that were the root of the problem.

Hope this helps someone :-)
I have discovered that using Sharepoint SLK 1.0 causes issues because of the nested directory structure that CourseLab creates. Updating to SLK 1.2 is supposed to fix this, which I am currently attempting.
Getting the following error on every slide with the LMS test:
ScormApi.setvalue: "cmi.core.score.min" "0" Not implemented error
The LMS is provided by Syberworks and is scorm 1.2 compliant.

Can you help?
This message can appear only if LMS returned "Not implemented" error. Element cmi.core.score.min is not mandatory for LMS by SCORM 1.2 standard, therefore LMS has the right to omit its implementation. CourseLab runtime is too sensible in this case - that's our fault. The issue will be fixed in next releases.
Has there been a fix for this yet. I too ma receiving the same error

ScormApi.setvalue: "cmi.core.score.min" "0" Not implemented error

Currently using v2.4

Would be really helpful as I would hate to redo this module in another package.
Hoping for a speedy response.


Just a point of interest, the syberworks content build tool produces some form of AICC/SCORM 1.2 output BUT this content (according to syberworks) is NOT compatible with other LMS/CLMS systems. "SyberWorks Web Author is designed to rapidly develop e-Learning content and convert it for delivery only through the SyberWorks Training Center LMS/LCMS"
This would make you think that Syberworks have a partial or custom implementation of AICC/SCORM 1.2 running within their system.
In this case it is not a suprise that anything Courselab produces will generate errors.
Ask Syberworks to look and comment as Courselab is working within the AICC/1.2 specs, the platform running the content is generating the problem.

Some problems with the opensource LMS Ilias (http://www.ilias.de). The LMS reports the following errors:
Type Error g_oSCO has no properties


Call Method: nav_006_settings Constructor undefined

after starting a courselab WBT

Any suggestions? I can give you a guest-login to our lms.

PS: What are the advantages of the new Courselab Build 20070608 ?

Suggestion: LMS always return cmi.entry parameter as "ab-initio" (though it should be set to "resume" or "" after the module set parameter cmi.exit to "suspend"), that forces unwanted reset of all current session data. But this is just suggestion.
Guest login will be great: please send it to support@courselab.com.
Build 20070608 was issued mostly to ensure compatibility with CourseLab Extra Packs (PowerPoint Import and Screen Capture). There were some minor fixes, but they are too minor to list them [:)]
I downloaded your software this afternoon and it is very great!! I created a course that I wanted to upload on open source "Docebo LMS". After having uploaded the created SCORM on my Docebo platform, I found 2 error message:
- first one is when clicking "Start Module" icon. A popup says "ScormApi12.LMSGetValue: "cmi.core.entry"" when clicking "OK" it goes on.
- second bug happens for each SLIDE. when opening it a popup says ""ScormApi12.SetValue: "cmi.core.lesson_location" "SLIDE_numberoftheslide"". when clicking "OK" it goes on.
I uploaded your Test scorm which gave me the same errors?
Can you help me to fix it? I think Docebo is very known and that would worth it to make your software compatible with it...
BTW, I've found this bug report on Docebo site and it is not fixed yet. <a href="http://www.docebo.org/doceboCms/bugtracker/18_124/bugdetails/appid_1-bugid_189/bugtracker.html">Bug report</a>
thank you; I've been in touch with Docebo this morning and they confirmed me they're patching the bug. Thanks again for your collaboration and congratulations for your websoft that I'm eager to use as soon as possible.
CourseLab run-time displays this error message when LMS SCORM API return any error value that is not equal to 0 (No Error). In this case, this message was displayed after getting error reading parameter cmi.core.entry. At first glance, it seems that Docebo does not support cmi.core.entry parameter (that is mandatory for any LMS by SCORM 1.2 standard). We will test Docebo LMS more thoroughly next days and post the report here.
All consequent error messages are "chain reaction" to first, therefore only first error message needs investigating.
Does CourseLab support Cyrillic fonts?
Sure. CourseLab supports Unicode, therefore any Unicode Cyrillic fonts are suitable for creating e-learning content.
Can I use this tool with eCollege or Blackboard? Would it just be an added item to click on?
In fact, CourseLab-generated content is not tested yet with these systems.

From eCollege site: "SCORM v1.2 Compliance (import, export and play) - Supports the interoperability of content." - (<a href="http://www.ecollege.com/products/newcollat/Content_Mngr_021005.pdf" target="_blank">from here</a>). Since CourseLab-generated content supports both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standards (CourseLab generates standard SCORM-packages), it should be played in eCollege (but perhaps no data on user's activity will be saved - depending on what exactly means "play").

From BlackBoard site: "The available technology allows learners utilizing the Blackboard Learning System to explore educational content developed to the SCORM 1.2 specification as well as automatically store learning results directly in the Blackboard grade book." (<a href="http://www.blackboard.com/company/press/release.aspx?id=510402" target="_blank">from here</a>). Therefore CourseLab-generated content should be played in this system correctly with user's activity data saved.

To make sure that your e-learning courses will work correctly in these LMS you can use also our <a href="/db/cle/root_id/lmstest/doc.html">LMS Quick Test package</a>. It is in fact small course (already published to SCORM-package), which sets scores and statuses.
I'm new to courselab and I love it! I just created a demo course and tried it on Blackboard. I uploaded the SCORM-package to the course content area. It can be launched, somehow, only the following error message pops up every time before a new slide displays.

On IE7, it just says "[object error]"
On Firefox, it says "g_oScormApi.GetLastError is not a function."

I uploaded your Test scorm which gave me the same errors.[:confused:]

Can you help me to fix it? I'm in an urgent need to put up a course module on Blackboard, which is the official LMS used in my university. Thanks![:cool:]
Hi, Ying!
It looks quite strange: if there is call of this function, then Blackboard's SCORM API IS found. If there is SCORM API, then GetLastError is mandatory function for it and must be implemented in SCORM API. Moreover, previous functions calls seem to be successful, if this is first error message (in fact, GetLast Error is control function and always called AFTER other API functions, like GetValue, SetValue etc.).
Would you like to send us (support@courselab.com) Blackboard's SCORM specifications and/or requirements to content if there is such document?

I am also experiencing a problem with Blackboard (Webct CE 6). The SCORM 1.2 module will import, but I get the following message.

"The SCORM package is not compliant with SCORM Ver 1.2 Conformance Requirements. All supporting schemas must be at the root of the package; the following schemas were not found at the root: [adlcp_rootv1p2.xsd, imsmd_rootv1p2p1.xsd] As a result, the package may not perform as desired. Are you sure you want to continue?"

The module does not, in fact, work properly. I get a number of Java errors when opening or closing the module.[:(] Bummer, because I really like CourseLab, but it looks like I won't be able to use it.
These are related to the content packaging and navigation.
You can dowmload them from:
then just add them to the completed module zip, you'll probably need to change the name space reference in the xml.
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