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Frames and inactivated NEXT button
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I would like to offer the possibility to open an optional slide (for example "if you want additional information, click here") inside a course. Schematically, the path could be either
1-2 if the user by-passes the option, or 1-1*-2 if the users clicks the optional slide.
I thought that using frames would be the solution, but the problem is that from Slide 1 - frame 1 (awaiting a "click" action), it is not possible to click on NEXT button in order to by-pass the optional frame and go directly to Slide 2.
In summary, Slide1-Frame1 direct to Slide2 is not possible.
I could "artificially" paste a "NEXT" button in the master, but I would avoid if possible.
Any idea?
You've noticed that navigation tends to be very linear, this is not too uncommon in scorm. It's very difficult to define and use branches. The problem is that the skip to the next page is quite literal and linear, it's difficult to make that linear step suddenly change function.
2.4 does have 'scorm simple navigation', this allows alternative paths BUT it is not exactly simple to use. It's called Task Controller and you'll find it in the Simulations tab.
2.7 allows alternative paths, similar but a bit more sensible to use!
You could have the 'more info' button open a hidden text object and possibly images to give you effectively a 'hidden' page of information.
You could also make a blank template, the pages having no content at all other than decoration or 'branding'.
Make a set of buttons for navigation.
Make a new page, add the content, add the buttons then the navigation actions.
All you'd need to do is to change the navigation to skip the 'extra' pages and have a 'more info' button to link to them.
A bit of a pain but easier than trying to figure out 2.4s task controller!!
Thank you Nick.

The more simple would have been a "bubble" when clicking or mouse-over the "more info" link, but as I would like something as large as the slide, this is not possible.
Then as there is no "miracle" solution, I think that adding in Slide1-Frame1 a "Next" button above the original inactivated one will be more simple.
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