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android authoring and help authoring tool
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Can anyone let me know if there is any android authoring and android help authoring tool?[:confused:]
Android authoring? I assume you mean to make learning materials and not apps for android...
All will be either flash or html based, if html based then they WILL need java for the API to work. Fennec and mini opera both look like good contenders.
Next issue is which platform running android, mobile phone, tablet or other? Screen size is an issue, so you need a fluid layout which courselab doesn't support. No it wouldn't be easy to implement this but is quite possible. However if you know what the minimum screen size your users will use then you can design modules around that. Bear in mind that the standard drop in quiz objects will probably be too big so you will have to use objects and add actions to achieve the same functionality.
Android help authoring tool, did you notice that this is the community support site for Courselab and not for the Android OS??
Using a little common sense you could easily make a replica of the windows or mac help systems with html and a little CSS.
You might like to look at Andromo, go to http://www.indigorose.com/products/andromo/
Now do you have a Courselab related question?????????
Anyway thanks for your suggestions and guidance.[:)]
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