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CourseLab 2.7 & proxy
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Does anyone know if CourseLab 2.7 will work behind a company proxy server?
Courselab 2.7 is a desktop application, you could run it on a virtualised desktop.
What you seem to be asking is will the generated modules work from behind a proxy server. This seems to indicate that they are generated as standalones for CD/USB removable media distribution rather than being served off an LMS instance.
There isn't any real reason why the modules wouldn't be usable from behind a proxy server, it depends entirely on how the server has been set up.
You probably want to talk to whoever maintains the proxy server.
Thanks Nickj.

No, Courselab 2.7 cannot be run on a virtualized desktop. I have tried it. After the installation, I checked http://localhost:1947, and found it has been disabled.

We have purchased this software, the time limited demo is not available. therefore, I cannot test it if it works behind the proxy server or not. E.G, within IE you can set the proxy setting. Is there any setting with Courselab 2.7 to configure proxy?

It will be good if a network license is available, rather than locking down workstations.
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