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Where is LMS data stored
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Really basic question:

I'm running CourseLab's LMS test module on a laptop, without a LMS. However, I want to view the module data and see how it updates (completion status, return location, etc) But I cant seem to find the file. I've searched every way I know how. The SCORM standard my define this, but I'm a real newbie.

If you open the published module in the folder courseimages ther's a Javascript file file called LMS. This details the variables used BUT!! early on you'll notice that if there isn't an LMS available it doesn't bother.
So as it is you won't see anything. You could use the variable names to display the values that these variables are holding, some are passed sequentially as you open a page or complete a question so some only show the last value.
If you really want to test the modules get yourself a simple server stack (google it) and then install an LMS. You can then run the module 'properly'.
Search for WAMP and then install an LMS. You can even squeeze this onto a USB stick if you want to.
Hello NickJ

Thanks for the response! Got WAMP loaded and running -- now looking for a free self-contained LMS but so far all seem to be trial with hosting at the vendors' site. Any ideas for a simple LMS to download - then I'll stop pestering you.

Thanks a lot,
Did you manage to get an LMS working on your WAMP stack?
For anyone looking at this idea there are quite a few suitable free systems. Probably one of the best is moodle, used by two of the bigger global on-line universities but so scalable it can be used just to test a single module.
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