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How to close popup windows
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I have a proroplem in popups of course lab such as "Help pop up window or contents pop up window",
when open one and open another one the first popup stay opened;
how can i make the popup window closed automatically when i open another one???

It depends how you are doing this.
I use actions to control exactly what happens on the page. For example I have 3 trigger areas (can be any page element), each has an associated hidden popup. There is an action applied to the page BEFORE DISPLAY / DISPLAY to hide all of the popups. In each trigger area I have actions ONCLICK / DISPLAY that reveal that areas 'popup' and hides the others.
So click any of these and the new popup is shown and any old open ones are closed.
thank you

but we can use these actions to make hide for any page or object not for the popup pages of help object or content object as these objects have popups with no names to make it hide before displaying the other popup

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