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Scorm variable for amount of progress
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What variable? in scorm helps carry forward of the slides view, there is a score, I just want to know if they have read each and on that basis to the amount of progress in reading the course.

Thanks in advance.
From the drop down menus...
RunTime settings
Rules Tab

At this point you set a variable to hold the results, usually this is 'total' but you can define your own. You also need to set a status for the user interaction completion.

Now click Add again
and define the pages you want to have someone read or open to consider the module completed or whatever status you want.

NickJ thanks, but the variables you mention if I understand, for example the total variable when you read all the slides then mark it as complete, but what I need is that if the user reads 2 slides 10, the LMS should I call 20 % complete and that's what I could do, that progress should be stored in a variable scorm cmi.?, but not which.

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