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I create a course whit 4 modules inside.
How can I pass from the last slide of module 1 to the first slide of module 2?

Hi Pedro, it depends on how you have made this and quite what you want to do.
There are two ways of physically 'constructing' courses...
a. A single course containing all of the modules (one big composite item)
b. A single course comprising all of the modules (several discrete items)
B tends to be the best way to go as you can then edit smaller discrete modules and it is simpler to add or remove modules from the structure. It also fits better into the reusable content model of SCORM, you may have a module that could be used in another course but if it is a part of a composite course then that is difficult to achieve without replication.
Now what you are looking at is how to deliver the course which is made of modules.
The best way is having dicrete modules managed by an LMS, this assumes that you are using online delivery of your content.
If you are not and are delivering it off of a cd then it is more difficult. The main reason is that the API is designed to communicate with a remote system (your LMS) and doesn't write anything to the local PC. A session doesn't have any memory so when you open the same course (made of composite modules) it always puts you back at the start.
If you have made a composite style course then the code that describes the modules is one continuous code block, there isn't a block describing module 1, 2, 3 .... as fully seperate items. Well there is as these are nested items within the XML of the file BUT you can't directly access that from within the module.
OK so not looking too good so far :(
However you can set up a page that will jump to the first page of the next module. The problem is that this would tend to be used only on removable media like a CD and we already know that we don't have arecord of where we have been on the users PC.
So while it can be made to work it is rather useless unless the user can complete everything in one session.
There is the possibility of or it may be possible to use the task controller to jump between the modules. This is one part of 2.4 that is not very well documented and quite difficult to use, it is essentially a component that allows DICOM Simple Sequencing. The description and use of this is not well documented and I've never got it to do exactly what I wanted!
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