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CallMethod: 003_blocklist Showitem undefined
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Dear Helpers!
In my current module (CourseLab 2.4) I took a list-object (standard) to list several statements.
And it works very well in a preview (view slide, view module)but after publishing course it doesn`t. There appears a message "CallMethod: 003_blocklist Showitem undefined".
Do you have an idea for my problem?
It might have just got confused and lost some references when being updated.
Often just going to the dropdown menus.. Module - Update Objects will rewrite the missing bit.
Otherwise I've found just cutting then pasting an object back onto the page can help.
Worst case just recreate the object that fails
Thanks for trying to help. It sounds so good.
But this is not the solution. It happened in a new course also.
Has there anyone another idea?.
I remarked that the module runs on Internet Explorer but not with Mozilla Firefox.
Do I need a plugin?
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