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Highlight a portion of a picture from hotspot
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I saw a feature in the space shuttle example that a portion of the picture is highlighted when selected. What object is thing? Thanks for the help!!
Hi Cory
Not having the base files behind this I would suggest that its done like this...
1. Make several pictures that show the details you want all based on a single image and exactly the same size.
2. Put them in a stack at the same position on the page.
3. Hide all but the main picture at the page level with some afterdisplay actions so they are there preloaded and ready for use.
4. Add the text to the page and make some 'buttons' by using onmouseover actions to show the specific image and also onmouseout on the same text to rehide that image. This is applied to the specific section of text only.
You should now have a page that works in the same way as the sample.
You can probably do this using frames on a slide as well.
In this case the text buttons just flip to a specific slide however this would leave you at that slide and not flip you back to the base state of the page.
The method above might be easiest to use.
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