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Embedding YouTube and other hosted widgets
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I'm brand new to CourseLab. Is there a way to embed YouTube videos or other hosted media using the embed code?
Kimberly I'd probably use the external url or iframe objects to embed remote content. It does depend what you are trying to do and the delivery method.
IF your module is on a CD will it be used where you can guarantee, and I mean absolutely every time it is used, that access to the internet is available??
If not then you are better off making this material a part of the contents to be distributed on the CD.
You also need to guarantee that the adress of the content won't ever change.
WHY?? Because no internet access or a change to the url means your module falls over and is broken.
Thanks very much! I have a dedicated streaming media server where I have to put my videos, so was able to embed it using the iFrame.
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