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Produce PDF certifcate?
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Hi all

I have finished writing a course in CourseLab, which has an assessment at the end - this all works fine. What I would like to do is safe the certificate as a PDF - I have seen courses with the ability to print off the certificate, but not save it.

Can anyone give me any help on how to have a certificate that you can download? Even as an image would be fine.


Making a certificate, even with Cousrelab isn't very difficult. You can just make a page with text that is personalised with the user details captured from a text field. A simple button with a javascript printpage command will send it to a printer, either a real or virtual printer which effectively saves it as a file according to the option the user selects.
The problem you would be facing is not creating a personalised screen print but making that into a PDF.
Your options would be to have a suitable but generic PDF bundled in with the modules files (This would not have the users details on it and might be accessible without completing the course if you were to distribute on a CD
make a PDF on the fly.
If you are using a server to deliver the module then you would want the PDF to be generated on the server itself. If on a CD then you would need a standalone PDF creation tool that doesn't need installation on the users PC.
It depends how you plan to deliver the module to the users, what you do from there is quite different!!
Hi Nick

Thanks for the response. :)

I am likely to be providing the course on a server, and am fairly comfortable with the idea of creating the certificate page. It is the creation of the PDF that is the issue - I am not really sure what the best way to do it is.

I would like to do this on the fly as we would need to have the users details contained. Can you give me any pointers on the best way to go about doing this?


There are a few ways to do this on the server side mostly commercial.
This might work
Or you could use ghostscript, the GNU fork is OSL the main branch costs $$.
If you are using a LMS then it will probably be able to manage this for you.
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