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I want to know if Course Lab supports some kind of library or any other thing that supports an author of course to build a course specially for a particular course, i.e. if i am a math teacher and i want to build a course on Course Lab what kind of functionalities are given to me to efficiently build a course, am i provided with symbols and equations through which i can create graphs and charts etc. similarly if it provides any functionality particularly for any other course please reply.
Is there any third party library that can help?

Thank you
What you seem to be asking Muhammad is a few things.
There is a great deal of functionality in Courselab, you can also build more or modify existing by adding programmed events.
All of the tools you need are there already, all you have to do is to plan how you will use them to generate the materials you want.
Are there any add ons? Apart from the screen capture and power point import NO there are not so math symbols are best covered by importing graphics
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