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problem of tracking
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I created a course with Couserlab and I installed it on my LMS platform A-tutor.
the course worki properly, but unfortunately A-tutor shows me a wrong time to use than real time reading of the lesson. Why does this happen? What can I do? thanks

Just saw this unanswered question so took a look...
I'd assume that the time stamp comes from a-tutor rather than the viewers PC. So it would be worth looking at where the server is physically.
If it's outside of Italy it may be using a different base time, if its cloud based then it might just be a random time!
Now if it does come from the users PC then again is the time the same as on the server? If I looked and it tok my local time then it might look odd.
Personally I'd consider the server time first. There will be an option in A-Tutors admin control panel to set the local time so that it displays your base time no matter where in the worls the server is.
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