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Sample modules?
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Hi, All! Is there a way to see Courselab Modules created by other users? I'm starting to put together some for an online class and I'd love to see more than just the few that are posted by the company. I registered, but can't see if there's any way to share.
Maybe Nick can tell you the url of his site 'friendsofcourselab'
The idea of the cache of modules here is that you ask the owner if you can look and then they issue an invitation.
You might find some of the other people here will point you to some of the modules they've created. Quite a few seem to be semi commercial so you may not get too much help there.
There are some odds and ends at www.friendsofcourselab.info I've been trying to have people send me interesting things they've done or things they have found out. It is a bit sparse but there are a few useful things there.
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