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Is YouTube Embed possible?
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Hi, All. I'm new...mostly happy with this free software that I find easier than SoftChalk! But I want to know if there's a way to embed a youtube video. I did google it and found an answer from 2007, hoping that there's a better answer (or another type of workaround) in this version.
Thanks for any help you can give,
An iframe?
Thanks for answering...I am trying to get an embed, though, not a link to the site. It's educational, and we don't want the students to see the "extras" on youtube, like the ads and suggested videos. Is there a place I can put the embed code that comes with a youtube site?
If you use firefox there are a few add-ons that will capture the youtube video in a number of formats. This will allow you to add it as a video object.
The problem with the embedded youtube object is that it can still give the options to view other (similar) content at the end of a sequence and the sponsored advertising can still appear.
In any either case you will need to consider who 'owns' the content and what rights you have to use this.
Just out of interest Meg, is that Lancing in Michigan?
Yes, sure is! Do you use Courselab? And where are you?
Thanks for the responss...I found a youtube video called "Courselab tips and tricks" that helped alot, even though I don't understand the language! Apparently you can grab the "Old" embed code and put it in the code box in the Flash object, and it will embed the way I want! So far, I don't see any problem with it.
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