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Errors running in Firefox
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I am getting a lot of object errors running in Firefox. My original problem though started as no sound in chrome and sound for a few seconds only in Firefox. I decided to let it run in firefox with no sound and "Call" type errors started popping up at various points of the module.

The sound file is a .mp3 and is called in a timeline action.

Any thoughts or suggestions? It runs fine in IE9 which is strange because usually any of my problems are with IE not Firefox or chrome.
Probably a plug in issue in firefox or with your PC settings, there are MP3's and MP3's. The object calls a player and it will depend what you have on your PC and whether that works with firefox.
I think this has cropped up before, try googling for it as that's the only way to search the forum :(
Explorer does have some advantages being so tightly integrated into the windows OS.
The way the code is structured does favour explorer a little.
You should find that everything will work on IE, some things fail on mozilla and webkit tends to generate more errors.
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