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Sound Issue
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Our Client is using Skillsoft LMS. And we have used Courselab as a content-authoring tool.

Course has successfully deployed on LMS, but we are having a major issue, for the first time when the slide gets loaded the audio files are taking time to load, and as per the timelines other components starts loading and executed.

Because of this issue the presentation looks very much unsynchronized!!!!!

Need quick suggestions or solution to resolve the issue?

Your guidance is always welcomed for the same.

Narendra Purohit
It might be worth a try resampling down to a lower file size for the sound file, it might load a little faster.
Again try googling for 'courselab sound' or variations on this. As you'll notice the search function is broken and googling is noe the easiest (and only) way to search on the forum
Hi Nick,

Thanks for your response.

Well earlier we were using WAV files, and without deploying on LMS we tested the course on our network, then we opted for MP3 Format. But still the problem persisted !!!!!

Well we will try googling and if find the solution would post in the forum.

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