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Certificate release
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I am trying to release a certificate based on results of Quiz questions (not test). I cant seem to create a link/object/button (to certificate page) that will appear only IF Score for the objective = 'x'. Have tried to use If Score ='x' then GoTo 'slide x' but link always shows regardless of score. Have tied most other cobinations of IF etc,. ANy ideas anyone?

Thanks, Steve
It's a navigation thing Steve, the module is supposed to run from start to end with the scoring and certification handled by an LMS.
SCORM 'Simple' navigation can do what you want, this allows conditional branching. The name simple is a bit of an understatement though.
There is a component in Courselab called Task Controller to do this but it is complicated. It isn't something I've ever got to work as I want it to, it's also something that the majority of e-learning RADS don't do well wither.
In a module I made an objective 'total'.

I used several pages, each had a question such as an Single Choice Question.
In 'scoring' of each question, the weight is 1, objective is 'total', Max Score = 15, Min Score = 0;.

Then on the p[age after the last question, I have an 'afterdisplay action'. (bs = blank space)
IF SCORE(Objective='total',Source='',Condition='>=',Score=10)
(bs)GOTO(page before certificate)
(bs)(bs)DISPLAY(text with sorry, you're stupid [;)])

On (page before certificate)I have the student fill in a name, then goto next page which shows the certificate.

Hope it helps, or is 'quiz' something different?
Thanks! This worked.
Dumb question! How do you put the blank spaces in. When I use the right arrow to move over it seems to put two spaces in.
Just a normal blank space in the code sam, hit the space bar. The arrow keys just step over existing lines or jumps to odd spacing. Space bar is the reliable option.
You need to indent the lines as you step though a loop or it falls over.
Kinda odd but that's how it is.
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