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Navigate from Module to Module
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Hi All,

How do you set up a course to navigage from one module to another? I am setting up a course with 3 modules and I want the student to be able to click the Next button or a button and go to the next module. Thanks.
It's called an LMS Dawn.......

or see http://www.friendsofcourselab.info/inter/inter_base.html 'multimenu' not ideal but a lot less coding than you'd need to do the same from within the module itself
Sorry, I did not make myself clear enough. I was trying to avoid the link setup that the SumTotal LMS uses. The powers that be want students to be able to click Next and continue to the next module. However, I did test a CourseLab course on SumTotal and was able to use the SumTotal "next" button. Don't ask...I just trying to give the boss what she wants. Thanks for the enlightenment anyway.
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