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is there any way to change the pop-up window into fullscreen when module starts in order to have a big image while e-learning doc is running?

If is not a fullscreen mode as you expect it, but similar. ( and as stated in other comments it is not recommended, due to a lot of space left if you are on a larger screen. Size of objects won't change, just screen size)

You can go to folder "1" and open find start.hta.
Open it with any editor and on the line 7 (line number might change) there should be 'maximizeButton="no"'. If you change its value to 'yes' then on the next start on the top right corner you will have maximize button.
With some changes in javascript you can.

Study line 12 in autorun.html and google for 'javascript window open fullscreen'.

Use screen.width and screen.height.


Use something sensible!!
Before doing this go look at the web stats for screen size or you will seriously upset people.
For instance at work I use some monitors that give me a 10MP workspace, that's 4096 x 2560 plus a third monitor at 1680 x 1050. Some of my colleagues use more standard PCs but have them set at 600x800!!
That's why the standard page size is the size it is. It will work on 90% + of all monitors it's displayed on.
Bear in mind that any formatting you apply goes straight out of the window too.
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