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Demo of "branching", frame navigation, animation, etc.
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If anybody is interested, I posted the CL source files (in a ZIP) of a demo (on how to "branch", using frames, frame navigator, cursors, animation, etc.) on My CourseLab (http://www.courselab.com/UploadedCourses/7ED0240967B6F40FC32578150056F0B6/BBAD0AD9B2B0146AC32578480054056D/RR03011626CL.zip). I tried to upload it as a course, but I think the server is a bit slow and, hence, the demo was a bit "jumpy". Anyway, you can download it, unzip it, and load/run it in CL. By the way, I adapted Bob Price's Quick Start Guide PDF as a (re)source for this demo. Hoping it might help other people trying to learn the same stuff. Just keep in mind I'm learning, too...
Cheers, R:-)
That is an awsome mini-tut thanks for sharing! I did'nt know about the cursor thingy and the way you can combine with frames and the frame navigator - pure genius! (still need my question answering about cmi and file size limits in _v1.2 though)

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