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Adding activities like hotpotatoes
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How i can to add activities like hotpotatoes or ardora, because i need to add a some activities as: questions with photos, flash card and others types.

Pose this a different way, can you add exercises to hotpotatoes or ardora easily? The answers going to be no, if they don't exist then you need the developers to make them as there isn't access to the underlying code or controls.
Add or insert actions from an external progam and maintain the links to the SCORM API will be no not easily. The pages are created completely differently, especially Hot Pots.
Courselab is a little different in that you can use the individual components and actions to make all sorts of things.
So questions with photo's ?? .. Make them using the available pre-built items, actions and the open access to the SCORM variables you have. Same with the rest, it is all do-able.
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