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Grading when having multiple modules...
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Does anybody know how the course grading (score, completion, and success statuses) are evaluated when multiple modules exist in one course?
I created a course with 2 modules, each with its own objective and rules to set completion and success statuses. When uploaded to scorm.cloud.com and tested it, it reported the overall grade and the completions statuses (for each module) correct, but the success (satisfied) were still Unknown. Even if they would have been reported correctly, I still don't have any idea how they would have been used to determine the overall completion & success statuses.
Any tips?
Razvan :-)
Hi Razvan,

Did you ever find a solution for this? I am looking for a solution to the same problem. If you did, would you mind sharing. Thanks.
Ahh once again... That's a function of the LMS running the modules that compose a course.
The variables are variables for that specific module and don't carry forwards to another module. You need an external app to do that which will be your LMS.
Trying to do this as a standalone or plain web feed is not going to be easy unless you are reasonably conversant with PHP JS VB NET or similar
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