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Audio in firefox not working
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Well, when I open modules in IE8 the audio start perfectly[:)]. However in Firefox 3.6 the audio not working[:confused:] and I get a massage says "download quicktime" and after downloaded still not working[:(], this is the code I have in Action "JAVASCRIPT(Javascript='stop_song() ;play_song("FILENAME")').

Ff will play sound of course lab if you set a quick time player on your device, & its pluqin
Thanks ya Hanan I fix the problem

The problem was in Audio file, it was "WMA" I convert it to "MP3" and it's [:p]WORK[:p]

Could be Windows Mediaplayer is used which is not by default used by FF.
You can download a FF plugin which enables use of Win MP in FF.
Or play sound as flash object in an swf.
Thanx Barend
I'd tried all of that but the problem still???
Maybe the security settings of FF?
You can try to start the sound not with javascript but an action like

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