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Can courselab export in AICC HACP not just API
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Can courselab export in AICC HACP not just API
The answer will be NO Kevin.
The only problem with HACP is the web paradigm it uses (See the CMI001 standard for more details). This works for for dumb browsers and intelligent servers as opposed to the more common current client server paradigm which is for intelligent client and intelligent server. Essentially it is an old standard (which uses a low-level HTTP communication mechanism.
Interestingly CMI001 was updated about a year later to the use now more common javascript API which suited the real world of server client relationships.
There are other security issues that affect the communication which is based around flat text files, many security models view this as a really high risk activity. Cross domain problems aren't uncommon and this kind of activity is actively blocked in most browsers now or will throw up a worrying enough warnings for most users to bale out PDQ.
AICCs PENS is a better bet but after over 4 years it's not gone too far in real world development. While overall SCORM has risen to dominate the LMS market.
SCORM 2.0 should encompass more services that educational and commercial users really need such as resources, people and competency frameworks.
I'd suggest one of the only reasons HACP is still around is vested interest and profit motives of companies who support such systems. They have their customers safely locked into the product so have little real incentive to change or modernise.
If you want to do this then I'd suggest using something like flash and AS3 SendAndLoad.
The basic idea is outlined here http://labs.grupow.com/index.php/2008/11/sending-variables-in-as3-aka-sendandload-in-as2/
You may still need to use a javascript layer to get it working though, this will be to abstract the data model and communications. The data model
and communication object pass data back and forth, while the communication
object talks to the LMS/htmlwrapper.
Find a good Flash/Javascript programmer and they ought to be able to sort you out something.
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