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swf connected with xml
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I'm doing my master project on CourseLab and I have some difficulties concerning the construction of my lessons. Some objects I have are swf files, connected with an xml. This means that there is a video (swf) which is reading the text needed through the xml file. Is there a way to connect these files in CourseLab? I thought that I could use the "Actions" choice, but I can't find exactly what to do.

Thank you in advance for your time.
Hi Ilona
The SWF object is more likely to be reading the file itself, it depends how you wrote the swf to start with.
If you're using it as an intermediate object and passing variables that it uses to determine the file to render as text then that will need to be some javascript. Using swf's like this is in fashion but is really going to be overtaken quite quickly by the newer html standards which will be faster, lighter and much easier to use.
Are the files internal, that is added within the courselab structure or external, files in another location somewhere else?
First of all thank you for your reply..

They are external files. And when I insert the swf file and then the xml, the first one cannot read the second one. There is another issue too.. How should I insert the xml file? As media, as an external file? Maybe I make a mistake here and the swf cannot read the xml..[:confused:]
As far as javascript is concern, I haven't written the code...Should I check something there?[:(]
If the swf is just reading a specific file when it is invoked and isn't being used to conditionally read from a selection of files then why use it in the first instance?
If you have to use the swf to render the text then you'll want to have the swf coded so that it looks for the file in a location relative to itself.
I would add the swf and the files as a folder inside the courselab folder structure, inside the folder '1'
When you add the swf to the page it will be able to find the xml.
When you actually create the finished module you'll need to put the files you need into the module yourself as courselab doesn't have a facility to collect resources that it doesn't directly use itself.
The idea of the scorm modue is that it is self contained and can work or not be dependant on external resources which might change or not be available.
Hi all, back from an enormous bunch of work and with a wife on chemo, I;m not very attendant the last months.

However, I'd like to add something.

You can add files using the sound tab, bu don't let them play 'auto'.

In the swf's properties, you can add flashvars to tell the swf where the xml file is. Of course you use relative paths.

Hope this helps a bit, too ;-)
I don’t know how your flash object look like, but I hav'done this on example "Flash 3D Carousel".
You can download this free object as file "Carousel3D_Try&Buy.zip" from: http://www.download3k.com/Install-Flash-3D-Carousel-DW-Extension.html.

Shortly, you need to do next actions:
1. insert flash object on slide
2. insert xlm files and other needed files (images) on the same slide, but as invisible
3. in Flash object, in Properties insert Custom value for parameter "flashvars" (example):
Parameter: flashvars
Value: configSource=images/config_2.xml&source=images/carousel.xml
4. in carousel.xml with Notepad change link to other external files (for instance: images/photo01.jpg)

That's all, other files in downloaded example may not be included.
Thank you for your reply. I hope it finally helps!
LOL So do I !!
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