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Programming ''Actions''
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i want to programm actions like comparing textfields
for exemple:
if input_textfield == rightresult
do action
do action

Does anyone know

1. which language is used for ''actions''
2. where i find a manual/website/book which commands and descriptions?

P.S. I have read the courselab manual, but the command description is very short and for someone out of training a bit confusing.

Thanks alot for all answeres.

Hi Sцren,
use javascript conventions, the API is JS and this is what drives the pages.
Manual .. No other than the standard manual
Website .. Sorry this is it at the moment
Book .. None that I am aware of exists.

See the earlier strand 'test score and tracking' for a somewhen answer to this
Oh and don't forget to indent the code!!
line1 if something then something
line2 else somethingelse
line3 and so on for control loop end
line 4 another loop
Sheesh forgot this ignores spaces.
_ is a space

if something then something
_else somethingelse
_ _and so on for control loop end
another loop
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