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Author: raj babhania
Date: 29.09.2010 17:38:27
Hello all,

Recently put together a course with an introductory page followed on by a page with an FLV and then finally a summary page, this course is published as a scorm. The problem I am seeing is on some computers the course freezes on the page with the FLV. The action I have set on the FLV are; Event End of Media
Display next.btn (a hidden button, that is ordered to as the top most item). Howver on other machines it works fine, has anyone else found a similar problem?

Help most appreciated.



Hi Ray,
can you check the version of the flashplayers on these systems?
The flash version is 10, it just appears as if the the flv does not execute the actions on the event End of Media. Also noticed that other elements on the screen such as help button are still active and functional. So i am a little confused becuase it is not a full crash but just problem with the FLV.

Thank you for your help
I've noticed similar errors when running through the Firefox browser as opposed to IE.
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