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Flash in popup window (new window)
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Hi all,

I have a couple of simulations that I want to insert.
The size of standard course window is to small to have the flash displayed with good quality.

Is it possible to open the SWF file in a new window with bigger size? [:confused:]

Hope somebody can help me.

Kind regards

This is quite easy to do: in the Object library choose External File (under the External heading). Browse to your flash file and complete the description. When you play the slide the file will be represented by a Flash icon - click on it and the video opens in a separate window.[:)]
Hi Liz,

thank you.
Would it be possible to give extra parameters? e.g. no IE adress bar, no toolbars,...
So basically, just to open the .swf in a popup window, without controls?

Regarding Nick's comments about corporate PCs, yes you might find this a problem although I work for the NHS and it works fine here whether the Flash file is produced in Flash itself or another application (Camtasia Studio) in my case. I'm afraid I can't tell you if it's possible to remove the address bar etc as that's a bit beyond my expertise! [:confused:]
You might use your own javascript function to open an external window and open your swf in it.

Google for 'chromeless javascript'
I'm sure you'll be fine with this BUT!!
Remember on some corporate and education PCs this will be blocked by the standard profile or the systems security settings, some PCs will be locked down enough that the user won't be able to over ride this and it'll fail.
Also remember that the majority of large users in the corporate world have web based apps and it's an unfortunate fact of life that a huge number of these are tied to IE6. Often the install of windows is quite dated and users may not have the option to update things like flash so use an early version.
Always build for the target and the lowest probable denominator for systems and apps.
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