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scripts problem
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Hi every one,
I have used Hot potatoes program to make quizzes that are unavailable by Course Lab how can I insert it on Course Lab.
Thank you in advance,
Maybe by inserting the stuff in an iframe but you won't get results back from it.
These are totally different systems, the API's are slightly different, the page types are different and that's just the big ones.
There is a MAJOR difference between hot potatoes and couselab, hp has the prebuilt functions that it presents to you and no more, courselab allows pretty full scripting. If it doesn't exist as a prebuilt function in courselab then you can make it from basic components called actions.
I want to make interactive quizzes,so how can I make it using Course Lab OR any program support it by a simple way and fast?
Thanks a lot
Outline the sequence of interactions you're trying to make Eman
I want to make drag/drop activity ,crosswords and matching.
And again by a simple way and fast.
Thanks again,
Please, any one gives me suggestions for how can I make interactive activities OR quizzes in a simple and fast way?
Thanks in advance,
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