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Tests pass complete regardless
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We have created a series of courses which have assessments on the end (5 questions). Unfotunately, regardless of whether you pass or fail the test, you get a complete. We are using the Meridian LMS.

The actions I've tried on the test object are:
If completion score
Set completion score

If score
Set completion score

I would appreciate any information that anyone has on this. Thanks.
Hi Curtis,

It sounds like you may need to set the runtime settings - Module/Runtime settings/Rules tab/adjust completion settings in drop down box/then add slide numbers visited to indicate completion.

Does this help?

Completion is one of those variables that just says 'done it'. unless you specify exactly what constitutes this then opening a single page can trigger a status of completed.
Completion also has a different meaning to score.
I'd be more likely to set completion by the user having made visits to specific pages.
To trigger a pass for the module I'd use the score from any questions.
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