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Score traking
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I am testing a Test in SharePoint Learning Kit. The Test seems to be working properly, but the score obtained is not transferred to the platform ("Scored test" is marked).
Do you know what is wrong? Thank yo for your help!
SLK isn't an official Micrsoft product and was more of a lunchtime project for some of the sharepoint developer team.
It has an awful lot of faults.
The only 100% fully working SCORM content I've seen on it was handed coded by one of the dev team.
I'd be asking the questions on the SLK forum although I do know of some places that have been using it as far as I know it was a bit buggy
Thank your for your answer.
I'm just starting with CourseLab and with SLK: I investigated the problem and I found that inside the Question Properties, in Scoring, I have to Add an Objective (the default is "total"), then the score is transfered to the platform.
As I said I just started with SKL, I still don't have an opinion about how it work.
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