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Courseware for Pre-School
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Hi there, can anyone help us on our research work?
Our research team aims to develop a courseware for pre school that incorporates .swf files.

First, the team will create flash based quizzes that will be taken by pre schoolers with the aid of their teacher(s).

Next is to integrate those flash based quizzes to courselab, so the courseware will look like a '.swf file loader'.

We we're just wondering if the courseware can retrieve the data generated from the output of the quizzes since it is flash based.

Or maybe, the idea is just wrong. [:confused:]
Can anybody suggest an alternative way if so?

We are looking forward to your response and anything would be very much appreciated.. [;)]
If you are making the quiz parts in flash already then using courselab is rather supefluous.
Getting data out could be possible but you'd have to ask WHY??
Do one or the other.
It is possible to incorporate some javascript in the produced CL file (start.html) which lets an swf change Courselab variables.
But can't you use the native CL questions, eventually use swf's for animations about which you ask your questions?
The other side around: all Flash with scorm or aicc tracking is another option.
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