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Warning messages
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I try to make a Web Based training and the problem I have is that I can't turn off the warning messages.

I embedded the web based training in an lms system as a scorm content and everytime you go back in navigation a warning message pops up saying: Continued approach. Number of attempts may be decreased.

This is really anoying and might make it almost impossible for students to work with. Any idea how i can turn warning messages completely off?

Thanks already!
I heard in the new version you can turn these messages off but for now you can only use a hack. Dee Nick's site:
and look in 'Advanced' for 'Backwards and forwards'.
Thank you for your help! But one last question: Where do I find runtime.xml?
As you can see I'm not experienced with hacks...
Found runtime.xml already :)
But what's the easiest way to comment out? is there a certain character string I have to use? I can't simply delete the parts that I'm supposed to comment out, can I?
Yes, yhou can delete it but then first make a backup of the file.

I prefer commenting out so I can restore if I made a mistake [;)]

Commenting out means f.i. before the line two times '/' thus '//'

// this_function_wont_work();
Thank you very much! Now it should work.
Thank you very much! Now it should work.
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