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Pass Courselab variable into flash using FlashVars
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Dear Sirs,
Can you, please inform me, if it would be possible to pass Courselab variable into flash using FlashVars?
I've managed to pass a string and number, but what if I need to pass a variable?
Thank you in advance, for answering.
I'm not at work at the moment, but the answer is a combination of severals answers on the board.

Pity you can't see all questions,but use google and appens 'site:courselab.com' in your search string and you might find the answer. If not, ask again in two weeks plz ;-)
Well...it took me longer that two weeks to answer!

I'll be grateful for your expertise, haven't found any answers on the site.
LOL no problem ...
Please have a look at




If you have questions left, don't hesitate [;)]
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