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Font size different
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I've inserted a text box into the slide and I the text in point form. Everything looks fine until I published the course.

That slide with the text box, the font size is different and the font of the first row of text located at the top is bigger than the rest.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
How did you put the text into the box??
Open the offending text block in the editor and switch out to source/html mode.
If you have cut and pasted test from say MS word it'll be littered with formatting codes.
MS products for Cut and Paste = BAD
Open office is OK though.
Simplest solution is to paste into notepad first then you can copy in unformatted text.
What I did was to insert a text box into the slide.
Then the font size will come out different when I publish the course.
I will try your method out first.
Thanks alot![:)]
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