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I'm making a research related to elearning lessons made by CourseLab. I want them to be compatible with mobile devices. Do you have any ideas on it?
I would say: make a simple testmodule and have a look at it with your Win Mobile browser.
One problem will be scale, best idea might be to design them in a modified template that is tall and thin so scrolling is mostly up and down.
You need to define the target devices to set a usable width then go from there.
You will find some things fail, test it with firefox, anything but M$ explorer.
The javascript components should be OK though.
I've tried WinWap Smartphone Browser Simulator. I tried to open the html file of published CourseLab but I couldn't. Should I modify the html file? How? Any ideas?
First thoughts: don't open autorun.html but open start.html.
If start.html doesn't display as it should, there's little chance of getting it up and running. start.html (plus underlying files: courselab.js, runtime.xml etc) is quite complex to change.
ok but there's another problem...winwap reads wml files...so html can't be viewed...and when I change it to start.wml the elements are not well formed of course...is there another way to view the module?

P.S: thank you all a lot for your help. I'm really grateful!!
OK wml is the used in the wap 1.0 standard which wasn't really popular, it dates from 1998, and was dropped in favour of wml 2.0 in 2001. The problem with wml was it effectively cut the user off from about 99.9% of the internets content
The current standard is wap 2.0 which uses xhtml. Your module will probably work under this protocol as long as you change the doctype declaration.
Another problem is that there aren't any real rapid development tools for any of the wml doc types, essential it's text editing terrotory.
WAP 2.0 is much easier to work with
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