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How to use hot spot
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How to use hot spot? And what is use hot spot with?
Use hotspot with a picture on stage, a hotspot is a transparant button.

Select the picture (a portret f.i.), then choose 'Format - Hotspot - Rectangular'.
The hotspot is added to the stage.

Place the hotspot over one of the eyes.

Right-click on the hotspot and choose 'Actions'.
Choose your favorite action which you want to be executed when the student clicks on the hotspot, f.i. play a sound 'Owww'.

Now if the user clicks on the eye he will hear 'oww'.
Thank you.
I would like to use Hotspot-Polygon but it is not active to use. How can I use it?
I don't know. It's not active here either. I think it is not implemented yet, maybe in the future.
These are standard html things, but I think the square is for the programmers the most easy to implement.[:D]
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