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Stuck on Loading images
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I am fairly new to Courselab and am finding it very straignt forward to use. I am having a problem when previewing the course. the page displays a message with Loading images 96% and the button skip laoding and stays stuck on that. If I click skip, the page displays as normal. I checked the forum and found a couple of threads that suggest checking the images name etc. the names of the images have no space or strange characters and are all there. I am using the flyout tabs for help and have a feeling the issue has to do with this any ideas as to how to fix this issue?
Hi, Marco,

Perhaps you have changed some button (or tabs or...) images on master-slide. If you have unchecked default images, then you must provide ALL button images for object. If one of field is empty - you will get such Loading images stuck.
All images are there. I double checked that again just in case. Issue is with the tabs. It works with the default but not with my own images. Images are all gifs.
Hi Marco

I have also faced a similar problem with loading images. I tried deleting the slide,inserting a new one and redoing it. It did work.. please check if this helps..
In Module / Runtime Settings / Runtime tab there is a check box that says "preload images", you need to uncheck it. Maybe an images route is incorrect and CourseLab is stuck trying to find it.

Hope it works :)
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