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I have a shockwave file embedded into a course. This plays fine on some PCs but not on others. The error message we get would indicate that it is trying to upgrade the shockwave player.

Likewise if we convert it to a Flash movie, it tells us that our player is out of date and needs to be upgraded.

Neither option is available (big callcentre, lots of paperwork.

The odd thing is that we use Moodle to run these as SCORM 1.2 and Moodle will run both the raw swf and flv files. It is only when we embed them into Courselab that we have problems.

Any thoughts ?

First impression (flash thoughts):
The swf is published for Flash player 10 and the client is stuck at 8 (or if you are very unlucky 7: I encounter that one from time to time).
If the content allows, I would publish the flash content for player 9 or even 8 and try that one.
Get the same myself sometimes flash movies, the shockwave where I work we are stuck with player 6 on IE6.
Where they don't work it has sometimes been a bad XP build that our IT guys use that seems to have some missing library files.
All in all a pain to bottom out and very time consuming to resolve.
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