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I just finished the first course I made in CL. Suits me right.
Some things came up, I'll make a thread for each subject. I use CL v2.4 build 090219.

First thing: I used the CD publication to make an online version without LMS. The module didn't open in a FF popup. In 'autorun.html' I changed \\ to / in
onclick="OpenModule('1\\start.html', 960, 720)

Then, in Firefox when I hide some object with a block (picture) to unhide it later, when building the page first the object is shown shortly before it is hidden.
Can it be changed so the object is hidden from start?
(NB: some objects cannot be hidden and then unhidden, see the next thread).

BTW: in FF I had to put a mark at 'Tools - Options - Publications - Save autoshapes as images' because it wouldn't draw the blocks.
Hi, Barend,

The reason is probably in transition effects emulation. FF has no built-in transition filters (like IE), so emulation can work strange sometimes, especially on objects with delays. It is better than nothing but a little bit buggy.
I can recommend minimal use of transition on timed objects for better FF compatibility, or use Random dissolve only (it utilizes other principle of emulation).
Valuable answer, thx :-)
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