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Publish to the web
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I am building a tutorial for a class and the requirement is to post the tutorial to the web. Is this possible with CourseLab created tutorials?

If so, How do I publish it?

If not, any recommendations on an authoring tool that will publish to the web?

K Guthrie[:confused:]
Don't forget that you will need an FTP client on your PC if it is to a normally hosted ISP.
Cute FTP will cope with this quite well.

In some cases you can make a shortcut to the web space on your desktop as a network place on windows. It depends on the server/ISP. typically you'd use this on an intranet rather than internet.
Hi, K,

The answer is already here: <a href="http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/F8273E815EC61D3DC3257571006B8B17/main_id/DEB1AE8A7B1B3576C3256FCF0055974C/extended/1/sid//did//forum.html">in this thread</a>

When you publish the course for CD, you get the course that can be placed also on any web-server.
Hello guys,
It seems impossible to upload the lessons of courselab to wordpress!!! please any help , because it's really nice software but it seems that this problem is gonna push me to search for an alternative .. I would really appreciate it a lot if you can help me , because all the time I have spent preparing the course will be a waste at the end !!
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