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Others Guide for CourseLab 2.4
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i like very much the last version of CourseLab 2.4 in order to design and product my courses and LO.

I studied the manual "CourseLab 2 Giude" and i'd like to deep my current knowledge, specially for these Object Library:
- Form
- List
- Questions
- Simulations
- Tests
- Textboxes
- Title

Also i downloaded some very interesting "How To's" example in format zip.

Where can i find others guides about how i can use properly all metods, properties and events?
I program with others languages and web tools, so i can undestand deep informations about these arguments.
I tried to search this info into your web site (www.courselab.com) but i'm not able to risolve my need. Could you help me?

Thanks a lots
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