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Flash Video Object doesn`t detect Flash-Player 10?
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yesterday I updated my Flash-Player to the newest version ( After the upgrade Courslab`s Flash Video Object obviously doesn`t recognize the Flash-Player - I get following message: "The Flash player you have is obsolete. Please go to Macromedia to install the latest version."
I think, this is a critical issue for all of us.
It might be worth checking the file 1.xml and checking the call to the flash player. It might just need the versioning changing to work OK.
The player is built to be very backwardly compatible so will run old material, but if courselab is asking for a specific version then it could give you these problems.
Where I work our IT department has us fixed on version 6. Now that does cause some problems :(
Nick, I can not find the error message in any of the xml- and js-files. For me it seems as if the problem comes out of the flash player itself. The calls for the code base are calling version 6 (in courselab.js) or 7 (in 1.xml) - that should not cause any troubles in my opinion.
I assume that the flash object was declared as its correct type? Flash, Flash movie or Shockwave?
I've just looked at how courselab embeds this in the page, you'll find it quite easily by searching for the object name or number in the file 1.xml.
The declaration to the web engine looks OK as far as I can see and is the same as I'd use if I was embedding the same file in a web page, the object is run by the local pc so should be OK, player 10 should support all the earlier versions.
The player might not have fully registered on your PC, some system writes to the PCs registry can be delayed until a reboot. That might be the problem?
yes, i declared a flash movie as flash movie, I rebooted my pc several times and the message was the same. I will try to embed another flash-player to go deeper into it.
Michl Blazek and Nick James....

I stumbled upon this part of the CourseLab website:


Home :: CourseLab :: Supported formats

WMV (Windows Media Video) +
MOV (QuickTime Movie) +
RM (Real Media) +
FLV (Adobe Flash Video) +

What? FLV format is under "Video"?

Okay, so I created a media object of type VIDEO (not Flash Video Clip as I had earlier done - which didn't work), and then I imported aa FLV file. Guess what? The FLV file played when I viewed the module!!!!

Strange isn't it?

So THAT'S how I solved the problem.

To anyone reading this, if you want to play a FLV file, create a VIDEO media object first, then embed the FLV file into it....viola!!!


You still need to pick a player. If I pick WMP it does not play. This is still a problem, it doesn't play the FLV like it should. Whether it is the failure of Macromedia or Courselab, there should be a real fix, not a workaround :-/
Same problem going on with my courses. Nobody seems to have an answer to this. I have tried editing the xml file to no avail. The classid is the same, so that doesn't work.

Any help would be apprecaited.

I have tried everything.[:o]
Hi, drgallegos,

actually the issue is fixed in 20090219 build (i.e. current build).
Hi Slav:

I installed the new build; once I isntalled it, i updated the objects, and it still will not play my flash videos!
Any other ideas?
And there is still the same message (player is obsolete.. etc.)? Or something else? Would you like to send us the sample (to support@courselab.com).
Hi Slav:

No, the "obsolete" message is gone; the player shows that it is "preloading" but actually never plays.

Has this problem be solved? I have courselab version 2.4 (080609)and Adobe Flash 10 installed but the "Flash player you have is obsolete" still persists. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.[:(]
If it runs on testing within courselab but fails when published I'd check the published module to confirm that the file is in the module folder and hasn't got a complex name.
If its a reference to an external file then check the address remains absolute and correct.
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