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How make Talking head really speaking
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Hello There
I am trying to a link a text box and Talking Head.
When I click the text area, head and lips are moving but sound is not coming.

I appreciate the help in advance.

You need to have a wav file with the speech. You can use software that reads text to speech or create a wav file through sound recorder (or other apps).
When I tried it I had to use the Actions to get it to sync (somewhat). It's not perfect but it doable. You need to start the wav file, set a delay, then have the head talk.
I would start with a .5 delay and increase/decrease as necessary.

SOUND( Object='<head>', File='talking.wav', Action='Start' )
DELAY( Duration='500', Infinite='No" )
METHOD (agentID, "ACTION", "talk", "wait")

Add a delay for the length of the wav file then do a METHOD agent stop (or idle).
Do you have to attach the sound file to an object? I tried binding it to a text box, but then it plays when the text box displays, regardless of the action.
Hmm ... I've forgotten to answer on the problem 'sound starts playing'.
On the slide where the sound is, make an action 'afterdisplay' in which you stop the sound playing.
ok im new here and i do not know how to attach the sound object to anything.

let me run the outline to you all.
I have talking head to title slide, i want the head to "speek" my file "intro.wav" when the title page loads,

any ideas?

Well, for a start right-click the agent on the stage, choose 'format' and click on the tab 'sound'.
I would attach the sound to the Agent object to keep things together. Let's assume the objects name is 'Obj'. Put a mark at 'Do not start playback automatically'.

In some onclick action you can play the sound: SOUND(Object='Obj',File='',Action='Start')
and in the same action start/stop the animation just as Lawrence describes.
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