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Provide Answer Text String in Quiz Result
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We are creating a .net based LMS that will install as a www.DotNetNuke.com module set. We are certifying a number of SCORM compliant author ware products.

The CourseLab presentations and quizzes certify nicely, but the quiz implementation has one major drawback - instead of reporting the quiz result answer as a text string, it only reports the answer as an "index".

For example:
Q - what is your favorite pet
A - Cat, Dog or Fish?

If someone replies "Dog" your quiz reports, via the SCORM notification, a simple index such as "2" instead of the actual answer text string.

It would be much more useful if your quizzes provided actual text strings for all answers. This would allow us to make much more user friendly reports.

Is this possible?

One of my developers has written up a nice report on this shortcoming, with sample CourseLab content and detailed explanations. I would be happy to forward to you if you want to provide me with an email address.


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