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Did someone experience this problem?
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I'd like to ask what is the maximum number of video files that can be played in a whole module.

As per my project, I could only play 8 video files (mpeg1 files) total, and then any videos after that won't play at all! I tried that it's not the file's problem coz I've tried changing the sequences of these videos and saw that if the video's in the first 8 to be played, it would work, however if it's the 9th or above video to be played, then it wont play at all!

I suspect it's not really a courselab problem, but rather an IE limitation. And I do get a "Send Report" message after closing the module.

But, I also tried running the module in different computers, but I still get the same result. Tried on Opera, the videos work fine, but everything else (like sound files, etc) is a mess. anyway, the client wants to run on hta file.

Did someone experience this kind of problem?
Also, im not knowledgeable about java programming, is there any program that I sould be writing about this?

Sorry the post maybe quite long [:p]
Thanks in advance.
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